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The right colutions, right when you need it.

Why Choose MagikTech?

What Services does MagikTech offer?

We offer affordable web design and programming services as well as simple to advanced web hosting including dynamic content and dedicated hosting priced to fit your needs. We do not currently offer colocation services.

Package Details Price
Corporate Solution
Email (imap/pop3/smtp)
10 email users (POP3/IMAP)
Website with 5 Gb of space
Free Domain Registration
Unlimited hits!
Save BIG on infrastructure costs

Web Without Windows
Website with 10 Gb space
Site design and maintenance
Free Domain Registration
1 email account with telephone access! (also available via POP3 and IMAP)
Be on the internet without using a computer!

Plan B:
Website with 500 MB space
3 email accounts (POP3/IMAP)

Document storage and destruction:
We offer full document storage and destruction following
HIPPA and SARBOX guidelines.